Sunday, March 3, 2013

weekend report

Pastor Wendell led us this weekend.  He has a tough job, he manages our budget and he teaches us personally how to manage a budget and he teaches us about God's budget.

We always get complaints when there is a teaching about money.  People think it's theirs.  They are very deceived .  Maybe that's where the saying "the truth hurts" came from?  I was very challenged.

Yes, I already give but look how much I still have...can I justify that before the Lord?  Will He say "Well done good and faithful servant"?  Or will He say  - "wow, you had a lot"?  Challenging.

I am proud to be part of a ministry that tells the truth and challenges us, otherwise, why bother coming? Worship was especially sweet this weekend and I totally believe it's because we were obedient as a ministry - even if some people complain.  We aren't called to proclaim the truth and we did.

Our setlist:

I Will Boast - Baloche
Alive In You - Hillsong
Pastoral Prayer - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Praise the Father, Praise the Son - Tomlin
Stronger - Hillsong
The Whole Earth - Gateway
Message:  Devoted - Wendell Anderson

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