Monday, March 11, 2013

my day off

Looking back over my day I wondered where the time went so quickly?

I was home this morning then went to take my mother-in-laws car to Ashland for car repairs, so I had an opportunity to eat with my parents.  We chatted over sandwiches and pie, which is a blessing I'll never grow tired of!  For those of you familiar with Ashland you'll recognize where we ate - the infamous LynWay Resturant!  A real local treasure!

My dad had us laughing as usual describing the hair cuts he attempted to give people this morning.  He talked about one gentleman who was nearly bald before my dad started cutting.  He kept asking my dad to cut closer and shorter, frustrated and afraid of scalping him completely, dad handed him the clippers and the guy continued to trim here and there.  Can you imagine??

My dad pictured here in the Ashland Times Gazette photo
surrounded by old friends and 4th grade posters from
Crestview students advertising the Play.
We talked about the fast approaching 113th Annual Farmers Town Institute Play that we will all attend in a couple of weeks.  It's a tradition out in Adario, where farmers and local actors put on a show, it's hilarious and I go nearly every year just to attend with my parents and have a few laughs.  At the end of every single performance is a drawing for door prizes during which we all wait with bated breath to see if we're chosen!! And there is not one thing given away that any of us even want - we just want to win!    This play and all the surrounding events were one of my fondest childhood memories.  Such pure innocent fun!

Growing up, there used to be a little candy store across the street to which my sister and brothers and I would take our change and buy little brown paper bags of candy to eat during the performance.  I used to be satisfied so easily.  I wish I still was.

While my hubby played with Vern, I bolted to the grocery store to take advantage of combining my coupons with some of the great Kroger sales.  Great savings!  (my life is so exciting I can hardly stand it!)

Later my hubby and I were home for a while relaxing before having a great dinner with some of our good friends.

Looking back over the day, it was largely as a day off should be!  Full of people we love mixed with great food and a little relaxing!  I am grateful, so grateful!  (And my clothes are Tide clean! )

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