Tuesday, March 19, 2013

preparing for Easter

Preparing for Easter has been a top priority in my life for as long as I can remember.

Before Crossroads I was involved in 2 other ministries - all the way back to childhood.  In both ministries I was involved in singing, or playing keyboard, or decorating the stage or cleaning or any number of responsibilities.   I was always somehow involved in Easter preparation at the church.

As I read about  the liturgy connected to Lent or Easter  - I realized that even though I have prepared for Easter all these years, I haven't always personally prepared for Easter. cc Easter requires preparation.

My own sin required that He die.  If I had been the only one that had ever sinned, it would have required his death.  So what is my responsibility in preparing for Easter?

I feel it should be a time of purging, confessing and time of dying to my old self so the sacrifice the Lord made for us can transform us - a life that is again new in Him. 

In the middle of colored eggs, candy and baskets, choir practices and video shoots - the real preparation involves our own hearts.  Without our hearts prepared and open to Him - God's sacrifice is pointless.

Would you join me to make this Easter personal?

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