Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I was thinking about the fact that all of our lives we are following.

We start out following our parents
Then follow peers
Then follow leaders we look up to
Then follow love interests
Then follow careers
Then follow spouses
Then follow temptations
Then follow rules
Then follow the desires of our hearts
Then follow doctors orders
Then follow directions
Then follow bad advice

...and the list of course never ends until we do.

The question is, where in all the following is the Lord truly ever allowed to lead?  really.

When parents, peers, leaders, love interests, careers, spouses, rules and doctors let us down?

Tonight as I had a little time to reflect, to think, I had to confess to Him I follow Him most when I need Him.  And I am very wrong to think I need Him only when there's trouble or disappointment.  

Tonight I promised to follow Him, wherever that leads.  I told Him that the day I asked Him to be my Savior and have made that promise since then many times.

Sadly though looking at my list of followings I haven't always lived as though I've meant it - and I know in my heart I've mostly lead.

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