Saturday, January 19, 2013

deeply thankful

I suppose whatever you're surrounded by, whatever you have access to constantly, whomever you see and talk to all the time - you at some point take for granted.

I've recently become more and more thankful for the dedication of the volunteers in the Magnification Department of Crossroads.  They include musicians, vocalists, artists, actors, announcement guys/gals, communion team and all the technical volunteers on cameras, technical IT, video, lighting, sound, directing and on and on...

We had two musicians scheduled this weekend that had unexpected death in family and sickness and had to drop off.  Two other musicians stepped up and played like they had practicing for weeks!

WE ARE BLESSED with an amazingly HIGH level of talent on the stage and behind the scenes both!  My goal is to never take that for granted and to always appreciate our volunteers!  I always appreciate their work , I just don't always say it - so I'm going to try to say it more!  And to tell anyone about them that will listen!

I'm also going to praise the Lord for them and pray for them even more than I do.

I am a deeply thankful and blessed leader to serve on the Magnification Department at Crossroads!

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