Wednesday, January 16, 2013

taking what they want

I talked a while back about the fact that people broke into my son and daughter-in-law's garage and took all their bicycles. 

We just got a call that our nephew who attends Case Western Reserve and lives close to the campus, just experienced an attempted 'stick-up'.  A group of young men surrounded him as he walked to the store and stuck a gun in his back demanding his money.

He calmly turned around to face the 'gun-man' who was very young and simultaneously dialed 911 on the phone in his pocket.  As he talked to the 'gun-man' he could see it was a pellet gun, as the train came by the boys scattered.  The Lord was good to our nephew, very very good.

Why do people just think they can take what they want? 

It's only in relationship with Jesus that we see our responsibility to one another and make any attempt to live obediently.  Without Him - without purpose and an understanding of His will,  I guess it's truly not surprising that many just take what they want.

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