Tuesday, January 15, 2013

my favorite artists

My favorite artists just all happen to go to Crossroads!

We have amazingly talented artists at Crossroads!  We meet monthly at The Coffee House and we are currently involved in several projects.

One is called the Sketchbook project - you can check it out here sketchbook project.  This project is an opportunity for all of us to create a small thematic sketchbook that will be added to a sketchbook library that now contains over 22,000 sketchbooks!  And, they are bringing the portable sketchbook library to Columbus this year so we can go see some of them.  A great community building activity for our group.

Our biggest event this year may be on February 22 when we host an Art Silent Auction at Crossroads to raise money for The New Store, one of our local mission partners.  It will be a night for our artists to shine!  I hope you all will come!

It's one of my greatest honors, to be involved with these talented artists!

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