Friday, February 1, 2013

can I say - it is well with my soul

A ministry contact from out West wrote yesterday about our 'calling'.  The article was very timely for me and much appreciated! 

Within his writing he named a book about the 'soul' of leadership.  I now own the book and cannot wait to read it.  It sounds like the exact study I need right now.  Finding his post was not just random timing yesterday - when I opened Facebook just as his blog post went up -  God timing indeed.

This quote is one of the first I found as I quickly looked over the book, "...the best thing I can be for the people I work with is to be able to say, 'It is well with my soul."  

So I asked myself point blank - can I say that?

I'm not sure...  

I don't feel that a book exists that can reveal or solve all the problems of the soul, but this question feels important, so I'll combine reading with prayer and study of the ultimate instruction manuel God's Word and we'll see if this strengthens my soul!

Today I pray that you too will take a look deep within to the depths of your soul...

-is it well with your soul?

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