Thursday, January 3, 2013

sitting by fire

One of my favorite places  to sit is by a fire.

Right now I'm in The Coffee House at Crossroads sitting by their fire place - one of my favorite locations in the whole world!  Seriously!

In the summer I love to sit by a campfire.

What is it about fire?

It allows me to dream, to think, to be satisfied to be completely still.  It's warm and beautiful.

I wonder then why it's fire that describes hell.

All consuming - never ending - intense - hot.  Alone and separated for all eternity from good - from Almightily God - from satisfaction - continuously experiencing eternal dissatisfaction and agony and complete isolation.

I cannot imagine - I don't want to imagine, especially thinking that anyone I know will be lost for all eternity.  Horrible.

My pause by the fire has turned from enjoyment to examination and asking the Lord who it is that He needs me to pursue, to invite into a God filled - forever rejoicing - endless worship existence ?

Who Lord?

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