Monday, January 21, 2013

my day off

Best beginning to a day for a while = a slow wake up!  Love it.  No alarm, no hurry, no responsibilities to hurry off to - the best!

I began my at home to do's:

a few dishes
baked peanut butter cookies
 of course Vern play
organizing one of my cabinets

Within this list you see nothing that is extraordinary, and it appears nothing that will last for eternity, nothing significant.

But I wonder, could it be that these kind of moments are what we need as the foundation of significance?

organized home

I know it sets me up for accomplishment.  When I know my responsibilities are done at home I willingly turn my attention to more difficult outside projects.  Things that aren't so simple.

It's been a really good, really simple, really satisfying day off!

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