Thursday, January 10, 2013


The Bible talks about how adversity and trials lead to maturity and a deeper understanding and trust in the Lord.

Trials also offer others an opportunity to pour into your life like no other time.

I find that when everything is going well I don't need anyones' help or care, or at least I don't think I do.  But the moment something goes wrong or I become weak - I need others around me to be strong and I need their help.

This may be why one of the greatest opportunities in ministry to serve is when there is illness or the loss of a loved one.  These difficult times make people extremely willing to 'let you in'...deeply in.

My hubby is the primary person on staff to organize and conduct funerals.  When I can, I go with him.  I understand now why it's so rewarding to assist people in this time of loss.  They are receptive, attentive and very interested in the Lord and in any reassurance you can give them regarding their loved ones final destination.  They need you.

I suppose since my main responsibilities are usually in a large service or event setting, these small intimate settings offer a more immediate response to our work.  You know where you stand, what you've accomplished and that it mattered that you were there.  Trials bring people close, and they never forget that you cared enough to be there and to help.

It is obviously never my desire for someone to experience loss, but I do thank God that my husband and I can share such a deep experience in others' lives.  That we can try to be the hands of the Lord when someone needs that kind of support....What a privilege.

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