Saturday, January 26, 2013

impressive people

I was sitting on the floor with Vern, listening to the orphans worshiping on-line, the orphans that the families of Crossroads support and visit, and for some reason in this simplest of moments, I was trying to think of anyone that truly impresses me.

There are no famous people, performers or politicians that I can use the word impress with - partially because I don't trust what I see, no matter how noble they appear.  I am only impressed with a few people that I actually know.  If you don't know someone personally and spend time with them, I'm not sure  you can claim to be impressed with them.

It's in the really crappy times that someone's nobleness comes out.  Their Godliness is real.  Their testimony withstands bad things.  If there is no test of character during which they stand noble and sinless, then they cannot claim to be impressive, at least not to me.

My husband is the most consistent human being on the face of the earth.  I never have to be scared about his reaction to anything.  If he reacts strongly it is justified and never unreasonable.   I thank the Lord he is mine everyday.

Beyond him, I have a handful of friends and family I have been through bad things with, the impressive ones are still with me, still holding a significant place in my existence.  They have earned the description that God uses to describe the faithful in the Bible, "Well done good and faithful servant"...

There is no greater thing to live for than to be considered noble, and honest, and dependable, and a child of God.  Nothing else matters.  My spirit has become more and more sensitive to arrogant talk and people trying to 'talk' their way to importance.

Impressive people to me, find their significance in the Lord and their importance is measured by their consistent obedience and increasing maturity in the Savior and the knowledge of Him.  Oh how my heart longs for this world's leaders to know Him - the author of significance.

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