Saturday, January 12, 2013

starting out

It is so weird to often be the most experienced one in a group or ministry setting.  That carries with it a great deal of responsibility.

Despite my age, I find myself very interested in things or people that are just starting out.

These are the 'starting out' things and people that surround me currently:

1.  puppies = training
2.  young married couples = mentoring
3.  new ministry families = getting to know one another
4.  new ministry opportunities = preparing brand-new ideas and strategies
5.  learning = diligently reading to stay current and learn as much as I can about leading/personal
6.  new staff = balancing giving space allowing them to create their own way with necessary
                        boundaries of accomplishments required
7.  new creative ways of raising funds = special events and Missional opportunities
8.  endless possibilities for new groups = recruiting new leaders to help shepherd special focus groups

My energy soars when given new challenges and opportunities.  I don't think it's because I can't admit my age - I just love being part of anything that is just 'starting out'!

Do new challenges energize you or weigh you down?  Leave a comment to further discuss!

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