Tuesday, August 7, 2012

what I learned today

Today I was home for a few hours.

Looking over my house it appeared to be completely undisturbed and organized because we have not been home except to sleep lately.

But, I decided since I had the time, to go ahead and run the vacuum and dust.

What looked clean on the outside was not clean at all!

The variety of spiders in tiny webs tucked neatly under windowsills or in corners behind furniture was quite surprising!  Near my fireplace there was dust and a few dead bugs and I soon became very aware that this casual sweeping and dusting was very needed and in fact past-due!

As I eliminated the dirt and dust I thought about how I have to continuously work to take the next step in spiritual maturity, to walk closely to the Lord to not only appear to be a believer (to look clean) but, to be all I need to be deep down where no one sees, no one that is but Him.

Later today as I was studying the life of Mary Magdeline.  I was reminded that she was a woman who was one of the most radically rescued of any woman in the Bible.  The Savior had delivered her from 7 demons.  Can you imagine?

She was the one following the resurrection of her Lord who was completely devastated and was sure someone had moved him from the grave and taken his body away.  She was nearly inconsolable - and then she heard it.  A voice that she recognized.  And in that instant she knew He had risen and she had not lost her precious Savior!

In John 10:3-4 it says "He calls his own sheep by name... and they know His voice!"

She knew His voice.  I want to know His voice, in my regular day - dusting and cleaning and whatever my regular looks like.

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