Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my day off

Today was a BLAST!  I got a totally unexpected phone call from a friend asking me to go Thrifting with her - I said yes!  I hurried to sweep and leave the house completely cleaned so I could return to a relaxing, clean, organized home and then away we went!

Because I am still not permitted to drive until October, I haven't shopped very much at all.  Today I made up for it.

I LOVE thrifting - it's like going on a treasure hunt and I found some treasures!  I also LOVE being with my amazing friends!!

Some of the things I found were...

Royal Dalton expresso cups and saucers for $1.99 a set.
Huge boxes of tea light candles for communion at Crossroads for $3 - $4.  (Nearly all communion supplies have been purchased at thrift stores except for the bread trays).
And finally - jeans that fit like I like them to!  I think I bought 5 pairs between $3.00 - $6.99, great deals.

All in all I probably spent what 2 pairs of regular not-on-sale jeans cost in the department store for everything I bought today!  Very worth while!

All this to say, I love days when I am caught up at home and don't have to feel guilty about being gone!

Tomorrow - I purge my closet of things I haven't worn this year, or things that no longer fit.  Then, I'll fill up our local thrift store!

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