Thursday, August 23, 2012

another day gone

Looking back over my day I wondered, what did I do that was important or enduring?

Aaron doing pour-overs outside!

I began by hurrying around to prepare for a table at NC State's business fair.  Crossroads had been invited to have a table because we are an NC State internship location.

The boys took charge at NC State!
We had opportunities to advertise the Coffee House as well as invite people to Crossroads. The Coffee House is already accomplishing what we had hoped for, a place for people to gather and experience community!  Aaron handed out flyers for this Monday nights concert to very interested students.   Many people took information about the church as well as internships and coffee coupons.

This was the first time in as long as I can remember that I had a chance to be out in the community during a work day, really talking about our ministry and inviting people to come. Today one person after another came to us to talk about Crossroads!  It was awesome!

God's summer bounty!
Next, I returned to the church for a few hours of work then I headed to my family's house for dinner in Ashland.

My dad and Ron look so serious but, my dad just
had not reached the punch line yet!
Tonight was special, we got to spend time with a nephew who had moved out and had not been with family for a while.  He called each of us this week to say he was coming home and wanted to spend time with us - so we had a huge blessing being back together tonight!  Even better than my mom's butterscotch pie!

My dad turns even a heart felt prayer into a time of muffled giggles and hurried eye closing as he begins to pray (intentionally) while everyone is still talking.  It's always anyones' guess whether he didn't hear us talking or is once again just being ornery!

Although another day is gone, I end it with thanksgiving on my lips to my Savior.  His love for me is evident in allowing me to be part of a ministry that impacts so many lives.  And I am so grateful for being around long enough to see the next generation rise up to continue the ministry, perhaps stronger than the last.

And then at the end of my day to be surrounded by family that make me laugh hysterically and that love me and have personal relationships with God.  It wasn't just another day - it was a God-filled blessed day!

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