Thursday, August 16, 2012

art shows

Why you ask do I think it's important to host art shows at the church?

One reason is because everyday I see such ugly, brutal, evil artistic mis-uses all around me that I find highly offensive!  I become determined to use any opportunity for Godly expression artistically that I can help to facilitate!

This is important.

Artists were historically used in highly regarded positions and were significant contributors in various eras of history both Biblical and secular.

Artists of course are not to be more highly regarded then any of the rest of us.  But they need to be  given opportunity to express themselves using their God-given ability and maybe, just maybe they can  give us just a glimpse of His magnificent beauty!

Can you tell I love artists?  All kinds of artists - I find them all fascinating and I count it a HUGE privilege to spend time learning from them!

The next art show coming to Crossroads is called 'the Vessel' and will be up in Town Square from November 24 - December 2!  And for the first time, because the Coffee House is opened Monday - Friday the show will be available for viewing all week long!

Are you an artist - you are welcome to join in as we create the Vessel!

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