Sunday, August 19, 2012

I really wish...

I really wish the election was over and all the adds were gone forever!

I really wish I had absolutely NO bills at all so I could bless others more.  (we are working on that!)

I really wish there was time for me to launch even more groups and lead them!

I really wish I could remember to act on my God given intuition instead  of second guessing myself.

I really wish I could remember.

I really wish I could be more creative.

I really wish I could be more confident.

I really wish my parents could stay as healthy as they are and not get any older ever!

I really wish Ohio weather forecasts could be trusted!

I really wish I could communicate better.

There is no purpose in wishing.  Just wishing does nothing to move toward the goal.  I thought it might be a good exercise to write these down - and then to take steps to accomplish them, well, at least the ones that are within my ability.

.....what do you wish for?

....what are you doing to make them come true?

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