Friday, August 24, 2012

beautiful things

Today I saw beautiful things.

I began my day working with one of the most dedicated worship leaders I have every known.  Dan.

His heart to lead God's people to the throne in worship is so evident every time I talk with him.  We worked on the next worship package of music today, our congregation will get to participate in this worship package in a few weeks, they will be blessed.

As I drove around early this afternoon I saw an entire field of sunflowers.  The sun was shining on them brightly and they were breathtaking!  My hubby was driving and talking on the phone so we didn't stop, I'll have to get him to stop tomorrow.  They were beautiful!

And finally I get to spend the evening with good friends.  In friendships I find unequaled beauty!

God reveals himself in an endless variety of beautiful places, and people and friends.  He is good all the time!

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