Sunday, August 26, 2012

weekend report

It was good, so good!

I love the services at Crossroads.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't on staff just so I could walk in and just see what God has waiting!

The entire service this weekend was well planned and well executed by men and women of God, leading us in worship and leading us in teaching - and I was SO thankful to be part of it.

Soooo thankful for everyone that worked so hard and was used of God in mighty ways!

Our setlist:

Leah Hart - opening welcome video/announcements

God Be Praised/Our God Reigns
Oh How Sweet - Crossroads original by Austin Hart
Forever Reign - Hillsong
Revelation Song - Gateway
Holy Is The Lord - Tomlin
Message:  Systematic Theology Pt 4 - Tim Armstrong
Ending worship:  Holy Is the Lord - Tomlin

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