Monday, August 6, 2012

a two-fold picnic

The volunteer picnic this past weekend served a two-fold purpose.

The obvious purpose is to say loud and clear to the volunteers that serve so faithfully at Crossroads - WE COULD NOT DO MINISTRY WITHOUT YOU - THANK YOU!!

The other benefit is that the staff works ALL together to accomplish the thank-you!

We spend our work days all working in different areas of the ministry rarely getting to work together - so these special events bring us together !  So with a 50's theme we celebrated one another!!
The Crossroads Staff - a well oiled machine!

The staff serves our amazing volunteers!

Milo and Steve dishing it out!

Jamie awarding a lollipop award!
The hill that many tried to conquer!
Grace's award winning bubble at our 50's picnic!

Lots of lollipops to the winners!

Another lollipop award from Leah!

Again I say, Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers!!

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