Friday, August 10, 2012


Man, the enemy knows exactly how to stop me dead in my tracks.


I allow it to rob me...

of all creativity
all motivation
all confidence
all happiness

My determination is replaced by "it's never enough" and thoughts of incompetence.

My head totally knows it's a choice to allow it to affect me versus just learning from it.

But my heart won't let go.

It can be the most simple thing - a misunderstanding with a friend, something I considered creative that is rejected or made fun of or just a job that I don't do in an excellent way.

The enemy grabs it and dangles it in front of my eyes and I can see nothing else.

Discouraged is a lonely place to be.

But, the defense I have is an eternal perspective.

I force myself to snatch it from the hands of discouragement and throw it into the arms of the only One in whom I rest.

Never failing
Never critical
Never unforgiving
Never grudge-holding
Always encouraging

And with the choice made to look at how insignificant these discouraging things have been -
I realize they have no lasting significance.

It's already forgotten in Him.

I force myself back into the "try" of significant accomplishment refusing to remain in trivial.  

I continue to be available to His calling whatever that is ....forever.

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