Monday, August 27, 2012

my day off

All clothing $1.00 at the Hospice Thrift store today.

That was an exciting way to start my day off!  I hit it right when it opened got 2 coats, an Express pair of jeans and corduroy skirt and shirt for my daughter, and 2 other tops for $7.00!  I then found a vintage expresso machine for $10.00 that is listed on Ebay with a starting bid of $79.00!  Not a bad start to a day off!

I continued by running additional errands with my mother in law including SAMS Club where I found a pair of sandals for $4.81!  (can you tell how much I LOVE deals!)  We then had a luxurious breakfast at Mansfield Resturant and then back home for a short while.

I quickly started to cook 3 meals to have in fridge to get my hubby and me through the rest of the week without cooking again!  Well worth the time it takes and the mess it makes!  Then it was off to the Coffee House!

This evening I lead a drama team meeting while the Coffee House at Crossroads rocked out with amazing music and fabulous coffee and coffee cake from Buckeye Bakery - SOOO good!

It was an evening when I got to see a plan come together before my eyes.

The Coffee House was to be a place where community happens and it DID!  A gentleman I didn't know even asked me for a visitors packet from the iCenter which I gladly provided!  Who knows what doors into people's lives this will open for us.

Crossroads Actors busy planning

Packed house

Fever Fever - excellent (can you see the actors in the background goofing around?)

Jen Irwin hard at work on her November Crossroads Art Show - 'Vessel' art project
The Coffee House was brimming full of creatives and coffee drinkers and excited young adults eager to hear the bands that played.  People enjoyed the coffee and one another and in the process everyone fellowshipped and was encouraged and for a few hours we were our own little community of artists, and actors and musicians and coffee enthusiasts! And it was good, very good!

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