Monday, February 6, 2012

my day off

  1. My day began with hubby going out for breakfast.  (perfect beginning)
  2. Stopped at church to discuss set design plans and check on a couple projects (set design is one of my favorite parts of my job)
  3. Met girlfriends to go thrifting (made some great finds and had a few laughs)
  4. Returned home with new/old treasures (I love blending contemporary with antiques!)
  5. Started laundry (I find when I keep up with laundry AND ironing - I tend to believe I have enough clothes and I don't buy more and I feel organized)
  6. Sent messages (sent info to the girls in my study group, face-booked a couple of minutes and now am writing)
Examining my day so far - have I done anything important or worthwhile or eternally significant?


  1. Keeping marriage strong by spending time together.
  2. Details at Crossroads; each have a unique and eternally significant importance.  Stopping by for a few minutes puts me ahead for the rest of the week.  Communicating with the girls I lead is obviously important as well.
  3. Investing time in my Christian girlfriends - we keep one another on the right track and hold one another accountable!
  4. Even the shopping, because I stayed within my budget was an aspect of fellowship that I enjoy very much - makes it feel like a day off.
  5. Finally... laundry.  It prepares us for the work week and helps me feel organized and 'done' at home when I have the laundry done and completely put away.  (weird I know)
I am curious to know what your day off is like!  Do you fill your day off with errands and busyness or do you get caught up at home.  Is it all about relationships or a day to be alone?

I am thankful for my day off and I will now do the ultimate 'day-off thing'...nap. Enjoy your day!

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