Saturday, February 4, 2012


Waiting is difficult and it holds many of my closest friends in its grasp on this very day.

I have friends waiting...

to see if the Lord will continue to protect and grow a long 'prayed for' baby in the womb
to have the emptiness of being alone filled
to heal a marriage
to change a wayward son
to restore health
to meet financial needs

The Bible is filled with times when the Lord required waiting.  Within the wait bitterness can grow, or the decision to take things into our own hands can be made...

But, what could this wait become if we filled it with thankfulness recognizing the small blessings around us while waiting for the big one?  Surrendering the wait to Him?

Are you waiting too?  What it is that grips your heart and pushes you further toward complete reliance on your Lord?  Give Him the desires of your heart today and then lift your praise to Him even in the waiting.

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