Saturday, February 25, 2012

feeling privileged

I felt highly privileged today to attend the New Hope Bears basketball game.

These men are varying ages and ability levels yet they all come together to compete against other teams from other cities.  It was a great game!

I LOVED watching people interact with these men - patiently instructing and rewarding them with hugs and 'high-fives'!  It brought back great memories from the high-school summers I served at the New Hope camps!  No dance party I have ever attended since can compete!  (OK - well the Cambodia kid's dance parties are right up there too I guess!)

Anyway I miss those days of camp sometimes.  They were so simple, and so rewarding.  I fully understand what makes these parents and coaches so willing to explore every opportunity for these amazing young men and women!

I was the privileged one today, being exposed once again to true innocence and a pure joy I rarely get to see.

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