Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what I learned today

Wow...where to begin!

At first I thought all I was going to learn today was how to cram as much as humanly possible into one day, then as the day got going I learned a ton!

I hurried to complete as many tasks as possible in 1 1/2 hours I had at work before leaving for an Easter video shoot.  Every time I go to a shoot, I learn something new about lighting, audio or just the placement of the seemingly most insignificant item.  Today was no different.

Next I ate an an authentic African Resturant.  I tasted goat for the first time - very similar to roast beef.  We got seated in a middle of the resturant 'family' section away from the front 'mens' area, due to the fact that I was there.  Interesting.  Wonder what would have happened if I had insisted on sitting up front?  ha ha

I was highly distracted and saddened by the stream of men placing a rug on the floor, facing a wall and continuously bowing over and over in prayer to their god.  My heart ached for them to know the only true living God!

Next I returned to Crossroads to finish a few work details, help set up for Turbo Kick and to finish preparing for the Young Woman's Bible study I have the HUGE privilege of leading.  Tonight we studied Hannah.  I had never studied her story in detail before.

She lived with her husband who she was madly in love with, but her husband also had a second wife.  This created a huge amount of tension in the home to say the least.  Especially because Hannah was unable to have children, something she longed for and prayed for without ceasing.

Finally, God gave her a son, Samuel.

I am fascinated each time I study the Old Testament.  The way these people loved the Lord.  It wasn't  theological knowledge, they truly, personally knew God.

If Hannah can love and trust God even in the midst of her husband's bigamy, what possible excuse can I have not to be fully, continuously immersed in the Word and prayer?

Hannah's story of faithfulness and continuous praise to God was inspiring to all of us girls tonight.

I learned many things today and for that I am very thankful!

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