Monday, February 20, 2012

I am back

Mixed emotions always accompany a return from vacation.  Such is the case today.
excited about vacation!!

We were blessed to  be away the past week and it was a refreshing time full of reading, relaxing, way too much eating and much needed time with my husband as well as a blast with our friends.

I am becoming more and more attached to our brothers and sisters in Christ.  The friends we are growing old with.  The friends we are doing life with.  The friends we take vacations with and the friends that are waiting for us when we get home.  I am more blessed then I can possibly describe.

A step away, a vacation, allows you to gain perspective on your life, dial in your focus and celebrate your blessings.

What I pray I can do is to remain in celebration, of the little moments, not big vacation moments but the everyday stuff.  Can I be thankful during a stressful day?  Do I really believe that God is in control or do I choose not to believe by taking things into my own hands?

Can I give time to friends and relationships, or will I continue to over-book my schedule unable to enjoy the people that God lines my path with?

I do have mixed emotions about returning from vacation.  It's back to one of the busiest weeks of the year for me, a real reality check, but I will do my best and remember fondly the last few days.

I believe with all my heart that God is ready to move at Crossroads in a mighty way - that is not some lightly made claim - I believe this.  Our community at Crossroads is falling more in love with the Lord and   in relationship with one another. This will change us as a ministry.  And this makes me ready to return.

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