Monday, February 27, 2012

weekend report

I could fill 3 pages with this 'report'.  This weekend was just so amazing it is very difficult to describe in words.

Our regular weekend services were on 'serving'.  This topic was taught so well by Pastor Tim that everyone in attendance should have left determined to investigate where God wants to use them at Crossroads and beyond.  Pastor Tim never teaches using guilty, just God anointed facts about how each of us are uniquely created with purpose and careful equipping.  How ridiculous that Almighty God would care enough about each one of us to give us such talent and purpose!

The worship was very moving and so well prepared by our team!

And the video creation of our very own 'Mayhem' character sparked interest I have not seen in our congregation connected to one of our 'announcement' peices previously.  I have NEVER had so many people come and make suggestions on what our next Mayhem commercial should be.  That is the most encouraging response I could possibly receive!  I told each one to email me their suggestions!  We do plan to use him in an ongoing manner.

shooting of Mayhem

Jimmie taking one for the team!
muffin face Jimmie

Shawn played Mayhem just a little too well!

AFTER all of this, then came our NIGHT OF WORSHIP on Sunday night....OH MY GOODNESS!!  I am surprised the walls are still standing!  In the history of Crossroads I have possibly never attended a service where I felt we received just a tiny glimpse of what worship in heaven will someday be  - anymore than last night.  EVERYONE that came, came prepared to worship and we took it straight to the throne!  I fell in love with Him all over again - it was AWESOME!!!

ok...let me compose myself, here are both set lists:

Weekend setlist:

Mayhem (recruiting )/announcements on video
After All - CrowderRevive Us Again - Big Daddy Weave
God You Reign - Gateway London
I Give You My Heart - Hillsong
Love The Lord - Brewster
START Pt. 3 - Start Serving God - Pastor Tim
Exit Song - Revive Us Again

Shawn and Milo having fun preparing for our N.O.W!!
Night of Worship Set List:

Jamie, Tammy and Josh leading us!
We began our NIght of Worship with a Cool opening of spoken word!

One Way - Hillsong United
Everyone Praises - Gateway
Our God (new arrangement) - Tomlin
Mighty To Save - Story
Came To My Rescue - Hillsong United
Although this is difficult to see, most of this section was
 our youth group up front worshipping last night!

I Need Thee Every Hour - Breland
Responsive Reading
(audience seated)
Blessings - Story
10,000 Reasons 
I Stand Amazed - Keyes
The Stand
God Be Praised/How Great Is Our God (connecting these 2 songs rocked!)
My Savior Lives

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