Thursday, February 23, 2012

a day got away

I cannot believe I didn't write yesterday - how did a day get away?

These days feel precious...there is just something about them now.  I want them to move more slowly.

Hurry empties a soul...

Yesterday I hurried from morning until late at night and I feel like a day got away...again.

Today I covered my day with prayer and tried very hard to be fully present and attentive to His leading.  I stopped myself at least twice from going down the road of criticism when in conversation.  That is a road I walk FAR too often and I'm tired of that waste of time, that sin.

Today I caught up with my friends' ministry lives and worked hard to get work done and even look ahead.

Also I sadly discussed a nephew's struggle with my brother and watched my husband drive away to attend a relatives funeral.  Even on a day fully dedicated to the Lord it wasn't all pretty.

Spiritual discipline is the door to freedom.  If God gives me breath tomorrow I will again - cover the day with prayer and try never to lose another precious day.

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