Thursday, February 23, 2012

grandparents and grandkids

There is something special about the relationship between grandparents and grandkids.

  • Is it because the pressure of parenting is largely gone and they can just enjoy them?
  • Is the joy experienced in the execution of the famous 'payback' promised for years to your kids, "you kids just wait until YOU have kids and I get my hands on them - payback time!"
  • Maybe its special due to the satisfaction of realizing your own grown children actually know how to care for them?  Surprise - you were a great teacher!
Whatever the cause of this very special relationship - there is nothing like a grandchild with their grandkids.

Tonight I watched this on several levels with my parents.

On one hand they are saddened by some decisions one of their other grandkids are making right now.  We spent time reassuring them that they had done everything right with all the help they have given him and that he would have to figure it out himself.  We discussed that we need to pray the Lord will draw him back to Himself.

On the other hand I watched them interact with our daughter and it was so moving to watch.  

In those moments I was silently shouting thank-yous to the Lord for such a rich heritage.  They adore their grandchildren and the feeling is mutual.  Our kids LOVE spending time with their grandparents.  They have helped us teach our kids how to live the Christian life authentically!  There is nothing like additional loving support backing up what you are trying to teach your own children!

Tonight, with just a short drive to Ashland I got to witness this strong grandparent bond once again. 

I praise Him for creating such an ingenious 'family plan' for us to live and grow within.  God is love!

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