Saturday, February 11, 2012

Speaking out

Do you tend to sit back and keep peace? Please stop! Jesus was radical - He called people out - he called them to The Truth. Depart from the tendency toward mediocrity, we can draw the line - demand that people stop claiming the name of our precious Savior who refuse to live for Him. Living for Him has NOTHING to do with rules - it's behavior that pours out of those who deeply know their God. It does require learning and study and surrounding ourselves with great Godly mentors and friends, but the desire to mature in Him is already there somewhere deep in the soul it forms when you come to know Christ. When there is a true relationship with Him you cannot resist the pull to know more, to love more and to place everything about your life within Him. I am tired of just 'keeping peace - hoping problems will go away' - I have been weak and reluctant to name sin and I now know when I ignore sin in myself or others it allows it to increase and for the enemy to take a foothold. He will however be defeated - in God's power and in God's time. So take courage - take a stand against sin and call it what it is. Jesus gave His life to show us What is true and just and pure.

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