Wednesday, December 28, 2011

new normal

What do you consider a normal day?  I officially declare, there is no such thing!

Normal : conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.

What standard?  Who creates the standard that determines if it's normal or regular or natural?

I am not referring to Biblical standards  - those are non-negotable.  I am simply asking who decides what normal, or standard or regular is?  

Our normal changed again over the holidays as our daughter and husband and entire band moved to Mansfield, at least through the end of the summer!  My house is full of all they accumulated whole in Boston and today all of their things began to be moved to their new home here in town.

So my normal changed for the good with both of our kids within an hour of us.  Blessing indeed!

This change means:

  • Turbo kick classes begin at Crossroads again next week (hopefully tuning up this tired body)
  • Tuesday coffee meetings at Panera begin next week - she is working on her plans for Cambodia and I am writing
  • Regular drives to Columbus to be with Eric and Alyssa...and to shop of course!
  • Endless talking with all four of our kids and spouses about the future, the Lord and what could be
So our normal has changed again, which I guess means it isn't normal because normal requires that there are no changes...whatever, you get the idea.

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