Thursday, December 29, 2011

need to create

I really need to create a lot of different things this week.  But, I underestimated the toll that Christmas would take on me this year.

I still cannot figure out why the details of the services themselves felt so overwhelming this year.  I plan to really evaluate to see what I should have done from a preparation standpoint to eliminate the stress.

I guess it was largely due to only having about 5 hours sleep each night.  I felt rather panicked, like we had to hurry and cram as much as possible into each day.

We had a lot of extra people in our home through the last week or so.  Maybe I was more used to empty nest then I realized, having a house full of people was a blast yet caused me to feel tired.  Tonight boxes are gone, floors are swept and most of the Christmas decorations are packed away.  So I'm feeling more organized again!

But, still not feeling creative.

I will create anyway.  Most of the time if I just start the process God opens the idea doors and it comes flooding to me and our creative team.   So I say goodnight, and it's off to get 6 or so hours and begin again in the morning.

PS if you get particularly creative tomorrow and your idea would be a good support for a 'family' teaching series - send me a link!  Good night.

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