Thursday, December 15, 2011

I went away

I went to Chicago yesterday with girlfriend Jackie,  to watch the Willow Creek Church's Christmas dress rehearsal and made it back today for programming at Crossroads.

whew!  Fast trip, but worth it in so many ways!

Due to the nature of working in ministry every weekend, it is very seldom that any of the staff get to attend another ministry's event.  So, this was a privilege indeed!

I found it inspiring as I felt the room fill with the best sound I've possibly every heard.
I was swept away by the magnificent voices and orchestra declaring that "my deliverer is coming"...
The lighting lead your eyes toward everything you should notice.
The short film told the story, clearly, cleverly and carefully.  A true accomplishment.

And finally the opportunity to encourage other leaders and volunteers serving in this huge ministry was worth the drive itself.  Although the staff we talked with are FAR more accomplished then I will ever be, they were very interested in our opinion of their service.  It was an honor to discuss this beautiful service with them.

I has been 2 days to remember, and I am very thankful for this opportunity!

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