Wednesday, December 21, 2011

making it last

Usually by this time in the Christmas holidays I am finished with things and almost ready to be done with all of it.  This year it has been very different.

This year I feel such excited anticipation for our services at Crossroads and for family time,  that I want it to last longer.  So how to make it last?

I'm not telling you this to make you think I'm some wonderful Christian that has all these perfect moments, I tell you this only to encourage you to look for opportunities to 'invest in minutes' this Christmas.  I was alone in the auditorium of Crossroads today for a few moments and I got to walk up and down the aisle imagining who may come on Christmas Eve and what might be going on in their lives.  I  prayed for them, whoever they are.

I know many of our staff spend time praying in our auditorium, but I rarely have alone time in there.  It was awesome and it made me realize THIS is how you slow things down.  You find moments when busyness is absent and you hang on to them and abide in them.  You don't talk, you don't hurry, you walk around with hands hovering just above chair tops and pray and wait.  You ask God to fill this place and change lives for eternity.

As I heard that familiar bar on the entrance doors to the auditorium push open, I returned to my work on stage and remained in quiet preparation for just a little while longer before music, and talking and work related questions began to come once again.

I am now finishing details for our New Years Service and then going to wrap some gifts and it will soon be over for another year, but at least for a little while today it felt slower and special...

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