Sunday, December 18, 2011


I make a lot of mistakes.  The harder I try not to the more it seems I make.

Tonight at Crossroads, I swear I about passed out worrying about all the details.

It is VERY personal to me.  It should be personal, that's my job, and I am ultimately responsible for anything that goes wrong in the auditorium during our services.

I do ok planning and organizing the details, but when something DOESN'T go as planned - I obsess over it and make myself half sick in the process. Tonight I overlooked some details I should have caught during rehearsal which really frustrates me. In the middle of fussing and holding on to the mistakes, I lose my focus on the message and some times the opportunity to fellowship and hang out with the team.  The enemy has got to love that!

My hubby talks me down reminding me that the congregation didn't even notice things weren't perfect, and that they never will be perfect.  He goes on to site examples about major mistakes that happen even with professionals.  (He's sweet!)  For example, the recent lighting of the White House Christmas tree did not go well.  When they completed the countdown and lit the tree it only stayed on a few second and shut back off.  Is it wrong that I took pleasure in that mistake?  All I could think about is the fact that someone probably just got fired!  Poor tech guy with all the world watching.

All that to say, I must learn to own the mistake, correct whatever I can and let them go.

You can pray for me to be able to do that if you would please!  Good night.

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