Friday, December 16, 2011

CR = Celebrate Recovery

Tonight I had the blessing of attending our Crossroads CR service.

Right before it started I was on the lift on the stage in the auditorium and heard a recording of Kari Jobe echo from Town Square...Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, I was immediately moved.  I cannot hear Revelation Song without it tearing me up... I finished my work in the auditorium made my way to Town square, found a seat and listened.

Worship began and they sang.  And I was gone.  The honesty in their singing was overwhelming.

I couldn't see the worship leader from where I was - I didn't recognize the voice but I could tell from his passion in leading he had been transformed by the God of which he sang.  He knew Him personally or he couldn't have lead like that. can move mountains they sang.  I wondered what mountains each of these recovering brothers and sisters had to climb.

And then the Holy Spirit reminded me I needed to do some climbing myself.  I confessed any mountains I could think of and turned toward Him asking Him to forgive me...again.

All are equal in God's eyes.  All are equally sinners, equally needy of a Savior, equally recovering or choosing to remain in addiction.  We are all addicted to many things.

Next a man stood up and said 'Hi, I am _______, I am a recovering drug addict.

Although I have been to CR before I had never heard anyone declare that they had been and are still recovering from being a drug addict.  I was moved again.  He went on to speak of forgiveness and just as God forgives us we must forgive others in order to recover.

He said, "your sin is not special, it is not that different than everyone else's sin."  He went on to ask "have you forgiven yourself, what about those who have abused or neglected you?  This is what God wants you to do - forgive yourself and move on in Him. I am forgiven", he declared and he believed it.

Romans 8:1 - he read "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus."


I would encourage anyone who has struggled with addiction, been the victim of abuse or anything in your life that requires recovery to attend the Celebrate Recovery service every Friday night at Crossroads!

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