Friday, December 2, 2011

a very scary night

Seriously...I thought Ron and I were about to die tonight!  I am still shaken.

We went to Columbus to retrieve our son's poor old Honda and get it back to Mansfield to sell or junk or something...we got as far as Polaris and found ourselves in the middle lane of 5 or 6 lanes of traffic- right before the 2 lanes exit to Polaris, when the transmission went bonkers!  We could not accelerate and quickly slowed to 20 mph in the center lane.

I faced backward waiting for any break in traffic in which we could switch to the two outside lanes.  A break never happened with everyone passing on both sides of us, so we had to aim the car at the side and just coast across was TERRIFYING!  We made it to the side of the road and kept creeping up the exit ramp and somehow made it up.

Now, I'm not saying my life passed before my eyes, but I cannot remember when I was so scared!

After sitting for a while, and having a milkshake to calm ourselves, we decided to head back out to Rt. 71 and continue.  Ron felt that as long as we kept a steady pace and didn't try to accelerate into the passing lane we would probably...PROBABLY make it home.  We did, and I am still thanking the Lord!

Now, sitting safely in my living room next to a beautiful fire in the fireplace - I am also praising the Lord that he protected Eric.  He called yesterday saying that his car wasn't running well at all and he wasn't exaggerating!  In the busy Columbus traffic today I shudder to think what God protected our son from as well!

The Lord is good, and He of course knows exactly when we will be called home to be with Him.  But, an hour ago I seriously thought for a few minutes there, that it might be tonight ...

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