Monday, September 26, 2011

when I lose a friend...

So, what is the right thing to write when you lose a friend?

Should I write first about the suffering of her family?

Do I question God's decision to take her now?

Do I just pour out my heart, including my disappointment that she is gone?

There is no wrong answer unless it involves not believing in the sovereignty of God.  He is sovereign.

Tonight I am mourning the shocking loss of my friend Jean, a girl I had my arm around just yesterday.  She was a faithful Christ follower, a great cook, a dependable and very talented praise team member, a fabulous mother and adoring wife.

But I also know without a shadow of a doubt she is rejoicing in her home-going - and if minds in heaven work as they do on earth, I believe that she mourns for us.  Because she has seen our Saviours' face, her body is perfect - her faith has become sight.

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