Sunday, September 11, 2011

weekend report

I don't know when I have enjoyed a weekend as much as this one, although there was quite a range of emotions personally for me.

We hosted a Christian College Fair - so I hugged all the young college representatives after hanging out all weekend with them - love it when our ministry is full of young adults!  That was the emotion of enjoying our Town Square being packed full of vigorous life.  Then there was the opposite emotion of remembering 9/11 and beginning our service with a reflective time, and the hug of an amazing elderly man suffering from cancer whom the doctors have stopped treating.  His body felt thin and sad in my arms - but honestly, he had the biggest smile of everyone I saw this weekend.  It's amazing the peace that a relationship with Christ can bring.

I am constantly amazing, even after designing services for the past 15 years, how all the details connect, how God moves through our preparation.  We thematically prepared the elements of the songs and worship based on Pastor Tim's I Corinthians teaching - only to realize as we moved from a time of reflection with the 9/11 piece to the words of one of the songs later in the package "if God is for us who can be against us"- the Lord put each piece carefully in place.  And people were taken on a journey and soaked up the message!

So from vibrant to suffering - this weekend moved me.  And I sense created quite a movement within our congregation as well.  I am still praising the Lord as I write this and humbled once again to be used in any way in His almighty kingdom!

Our setlist:

Opening Instrumental:  Beautiful - written by Samuel Lane (Our Senior Worship guy Dan Fleming wrote string parts to go with it)  We used this piece which was much more mellow then we typically open with just to give people a sense of reflection right from the beginning.  They were quieter than normal and settled down quicker - so - mission accomplished!

9/11 Video:  Ten Years Ago - Skit Guys  (we came right out of this into announcements on video maintaining the same feeling and began announcements with prayer.)  Middle School Pastor on video

Worship:  10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) - Redman  (we kept the congregation seated through 3/4 of this song then stood them and you could just feel the anticipation to join in!  This was the first time we've used this song was the other reason we let them just listen for a while.)

Praise:  Our God - Tomlin    Seriously - this song ended up feeling like a battle-cry as we started to build - "and if our God is for us, then who could stand against us!!!)  Awesome!

Praise:  Come Thou Fount - Sublime

Praise:  All My Fountains - Tomlin

We were richly blessed this weekend!!!

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