Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mid-life leading and the fly

On any rare slower-paced day I often find myself in a prayer conversation asking God “How am I doing? Is there something else you want me to do with my life? Am I leading strongly?  Are you happy with what I’m doing in ministry?

These may or may not be normal mid-life questions – if they are just normal age related ponderings, then I seriously underestimated how self-evaluating mid-life would be.

After the my self-examination ended – I went outside to sit for a while in the morning sun.  This was a decision driven by the scarcity of sunny central Ohio days left.  Once in my chair I think God sent me a visual.

A fly came to visit or rather pester me.

You need to picture where I was sitting in order to fully grasp the situation.  I was sitting at the top of a hill surrounded by lush woods on 2 sides and a huge open grassy area full of bunnies, birds and the occasional turkey walking by.

Why when all these ideal ‘fly’ areas exist inches from my chair would a fly continue to land on me over and over again?  I stopped counting at 13 landings.

The swatting battle soon pointed me toward a possible answer to my earlier prayers.  I believe God used that little fly to help me realize that persistently pursuing Him is what my mid-life calls me to like never before.  He doesn’t value a busy life, but desires for us to pursue and seek Him.  Much like the flies’ determination God wants me to never stop seeking Him.

This may seem ridiculous to consider this experience as something personal.  But, God knows I learn visually and out of a simple everyday experience He may have chosen to show me a simple lesson.

Do you sometimes see God in simple everyday things?  Please share!

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