Sunday, September 4, 2011

weekend report

Crossroads version of Cow Bell is....Flower Pots!

Milo one of our Worship guys came up with the concept of including flower pots in the Steven Curtis song "With One Voice"..each pot had a different 'note' and it worked great!  Very creative!

our setlist:

Opening Song:  With One Voice - Steven Curtis Chapman  I will post a link as soon as this song is uploaded to you tube.
announcements on video:  Jamie Koenig - Middle School Youth guy
Praise:  Where The Spirit of the Lord Is - Tomlin
Praise:  One Voice  - Milo Sgambellone original
Worship:  Love is Patient - Milo Sgambellone original
Worship:  You Won't Relent  - Jesus Culture
Worship:  Praise the Father Praise the Son - Tomlin
Message:  Love Pt 2 - Senior Pastor Tim Armstrong
Exit Song:  With One Voice - Steve Curtis Chapman

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