Monday, September 5, 2011

my day off

I've been using the heat as an excuse to not organize my attic.  The excuse just ended - only 58 degrees this morning.  A fitting task for 'labor day'...

You may ask, why does it even matter what's in your attic - no one can see it.  Well, with our son about to get married and our daughter possibly returning to the Midwest and setting up her own place in the not so distant future, I need to know what's up there!  I have all their childhood toys, collectables and trophies.  Those they probably won't want until they have children of their own, but there are household items and possibly a few things that should be sold.

My attic is so packed with stuff, that I'm really not even sure how I will be able to work in there.  Anyway - I think that I will begin today, so if you don't hear from me tomorrow send out a search party, I may never emerge!

Have a great Labor Day, enjoy your family or friends!  If your kids are off school, be thankful they are with you and if you have an overwhelming task to face as I do - dig in - the payoff is worth it!

I'm going in...

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