Saturday, September 3, 2011

God uses prostitutes

I was studying about Rahab today- if you remember the story 2 spies were sent to scope out Jericho and ended up at Rahp's home.  I never thought about the fact that Rahab, being a prostitute, would have had everything the spies would need to complete a successful mission.

Her home was located high on the outer wall - the perfect location to gather information about the city.  Information that would reveal the weaknesses and important details Joshua needed to know before marching on the city.   She had a place on her roof where she could hide guys (probably from angry wives searching for an unfaithful husband).   She also had long ropes that made it possible to escape from her window. Everything needed to help the spies slip away unnoticed!

 How convenient that God would use these things intended for evil to deliver his men back to report to Joshua ultimately leading the Children of Israel to march around the Jericho walls!

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