Friday, September 30, 2011

sorrow worshiped

I watched as my friend, suffering unimaginable grief, worshiped his Lord today.

This is the kind of testimony that draws the lost to their Savior.  They want this something that is so good it even overshadows death.

I had to wonder if this level of worship elicited the choirs of heaven to join in?  Worship free of anything planned far in advance... instead a declaration that in Christ is the only lasting joy, the only thing we can be sure of.

As I stood in the sound booth and looked at the congregation hungry for words of encouragement and explanation, I saw a pure interaction with the throne of God.  My friend devastated by this earthly passing and yet worshiping the God that gives and takes away...declaring that He is God!

I am filled with a longing that I feel deeply to know Him this way every moment of the day -
 How I pray that God uses the loss of this precious sister to rock the foundations of this community for Christ! 

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