Thursday, September 29, 2011

our staff

I have never been more thankful to be part of the Crossroads staff than I am now.

With the  loss of our precious friend Jean, came a realization of just how blessed I am to work with such an amazing group of people.

Just today - one staff member asked if she could just do something nice for a couple of us by buying sandwich supplies.  This came while we were in the middle of setting everything up for visiting hours and preparing everything to make the precious family feel cared for.

Next a staff member sat down without being asked and began working possibly with people she didn't even know to create the beautiful little cards that will be given out tomorrow at the funeral.

Still another brought me a cup of fresh hot coffee - prepared exactly as I like it.

Pastor Tim's words all day long brought perspective and encouragement.

Just one thing after another all day long - caring for one another - supporting one another...I cannot imagine working anywhere else.

Even within this great, great loss - care and love has been overflowing.  Our staff is amazing and I am blessed!!

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