Friday, September 23, 2011

crummy childhoods

20 foot creation at the Ashland County Fair

This 20 ft bear looking a little rough after all the climbing by kids at the fair.

Family time watching the horse-pull

A lot of my friends have had really crummy childhoods.

Because of this I  have often felt I should not talk about my own family and the faithfulness of my parents to us. But I now realize my experience is a story of hope and encouragement -so I will praise God for my family and share stories when people ask.  We of course had horrible times - the struggle with my brothers health and the loss of him was extremely difficult.  But,  for whatever reason God chose to spare us from the divorce and other tragedy many of my friends suffered through as kids.  I don't understand why, maybe because of the obedience of my parents and their parents before them, all I know is I grow more thankful as the years go by.

Is there hope for today's family?

I had only been seated a few minutes with a cousin recently when she asked, "So how do you raise kids to love Jesus?"

I pray that what I told her was from the Lord.  I told her, "the most important thing any parent can do is to make sure their words and actions everyday demonstrate a consistent, authentic relationship with Christ.  Don't EVER believe the lie that you can tell them to "Do as I say not as I do" - this will never work!  It makes them resent what you claim to believe and it makes what you believe just a religion.  Nothing more.

It is time for Christian families to step up - live set-apart from what society tells us will most likely be our demise.  That is a lie straight from the enemy - we can have strong Godly families.  Protect your testimony,  your testimony tells others who God is.  A heavy responsibility - but a glorious privilege!

Please take heart, even in the worst of family settings or a lack of good childhood memories - God can be that father you longed for and you can begin again today.  We can change societies compromise on what God's original design was for our families!

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