Monday, September 19, 2011

my day off

This is baby Violet - a cousin
Well...despite the horrible weather it was off to the Ashland County Fair today with my sister and my parents, and before the day was over my hubby and brother-in-law and several other relatives joined us as well.  The only thing missing was our kids...

As I looked at the children's vegetable displays it brought back such great memories of our kids gardening with their grandpa and then carving and preparing them for judging at the fair.  How quickly that precious time passed.

But we had lots of laughs once again as dad yodeled at chickens, talked to the sheep and made hilarious political comments that I will not repeat here.

It is pretty exhausting sitting at the fair and talking and eating all day long.  So it was understandable that the security guard in the chicken barn was just too exhausted to focus on his terribly important assignment!

It was Veterans Day at the Fair today - so at the Veterans tent we all ate bean soup with dad.  As you can see his best friend Art was working on his crossword puzzles - oblivious to what was going on around him!

All in all it was great fun and we hope to get back to Ashland at least one more time later this week!

PS - my feet are finally warm!

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