Saturday, February 20, 2010

does creativity = bad theology

I have been disappointed recently by what seems to be a real lack of sound theology especially from leaders connected to creativity.

Why is it so prevalent for believers to not know where they stand theologically, or at least to not take a stand theologically? I think our society has brainwashed us into thinking we have to accept whatever people want to believe. I LOVE creatives, artists, musicians, actors anything creative. But many times in the name of 'art' they seem to be way too tolerant. This is disappointing.

I would actually respect people more that took a hard stand in wrong theology, at least then you would know where they stand and you could even try with the Lord's help to reveal the truth to them. But it's that in-between somewhere state that doesn't deserve following. And it drives me crazy!

I need people that can teach me in the areas in which my responsibilities lie. I feel extremely alone at times as I try to lead, not alone physically (I have amazing friends and staff around me), but there are so few leading the way strongly in the creative areas of ministry! Is there anyone out there who is SURE of where they stand, SURE of what they won't compromise on, and SURE of what we need to do, to know, to produce?

I guess the best we can all do is to make SURE our own theology is so rock solid that none of the in-between junk ever sucks us into the mediocre abyss of anything goes...

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